Saturday, October 2, 2010

Centaur Warchief Item Build Guide

Gifted with a tremendous body and an ever-growing fortitude, Bradwarden’s courage is only matched by the size of his heart. Prophesized as a savior by the oracles of his tribe, Bradwarden is the living token of the allegiance of the centaurs to the Sentinel. He swings his axe with massive force, sometimes even hurting himself when doing so. The ground trembles every time he slams his hoof and his reflexes are impossible to surpass; allowing him to retaliate just after being attacked. Bradwarden is decided to fulfill his destiny, and he knows that the upcoming battle will become his ultimate challenge.

Affiliation: Sentinel Light Tavern

Starting HP: 587
Base HP Regen: 0.94
Starting Mana: 195
Base Mana Regen: 0.61
Starting Armor: 3.1
Starting Base Damage: 55-57
Attack Range: 100(melee)
Movement Speed: 300


Strength: 23 + 2.6
Agility: 15 + 2.0
Intelligence: 15 + 1.6

A. Pros and Cons:


  1. A natural tank, one of the best in the game
  2. Giant damage output in a short time
  3. One of the most powerful nukes in the game
  4. Good Initiator
  5. Great Survivability


  1. No real presence in battle
  2. Melee hero
  3. Spells are hard to master
  4. Under average Intelligence

B. Skills:

IPB Image

Hoof S[t]omp

Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy land units.

Level 1 – 100 damage, 1.25 second stun.

Level 2 – 150 damage, 1.75 second stun.

Level 3 – 200 damage, 2.25 second stun.

Level 4 – 250 damage, 2.75 second stun.

Mana Cost: 85/100/115/130

Cooldown: 15 seconds. 300 AoE.

The CentaurĂ¢€™s bread and butter skill.

IPB Image

[D]ouble Edge

The Centaur summons a tremendous amount of inner strength and releases a very powerful attack. It can only be done at melee range, and it damages both the Warchief and the enemy unit.

Level 1 – Deals 175 damage.

Level 2 – Deals 250 damage.

Level 3 – Deals 325 damage.

Level 4 – Deals 400 damage.

Mana Cost: 75/90/105/120

Cooldown: 25 seconds.

As one of the highest damage nukes in the game, this spell comes with a price. The damage dealt to the enemy is also dealt to you

IPB Image


The Centaur Warchief immediately counters every attack against him with a swift strike.

Level 1 – Returns 12.5 damage.

Level 2 – Returns 25 damage.

Level 3 – Returns 37.5 damage.

Level 4 – Returns 50 damage.


With its recent change, Return now wreaks havoc to both melee and ranged units.

IPB Image

Great [F]ortitude

The Centaur Warchief’s mammoth body is capable of absorbing great amounts of punishment.

Level 1 – Adds +12 Strength.

Level 2 – Adds +24 Strength.

Level 3 – Adds +36 Strength.


Giving more strength than any singular item in the game, this is what makes you such an amazing tank.